Mental Coach and Equine Expert

I advise and coach people who work with horses, either privately or professionally, and are, at the same time, dissatisfied with their relationship with the horse or the sports performance.

Through my international activities as a professional rider, trainer, presenter and communication trainer, as well as an industrial project manager, I know what it is like to be the one in the middle and try to accommodate everything that is expected of me in my schedule.

However, also privately, I have in the past had to overcome one or two challenges. Following a serious accident, which could have been lethal, I had to get to know my body anew, and re-orientate my life. During this time, I learnt that comments from others, such as “You were lucky 

there”, or “Actually, you are in quite good shape”, do not help a person to regain confidence, actually feel well again, look forward in a positive manner, once again feel full of life or ready to ride again, and also once more be ready to perform. I did make it to that point, however.

After numerous training/further education sessions in coaching and in the fields of psychology, in particular sports psychology, the training sciences and neurology, combined with my great wealth of experience from the realm of equestrian sports I would like to share with you my expertise, so that, by applying mental strength, you can optimise your relationship with the horse or your sports performance.

“Anyone who stops striving to improve stops being good.”

Marie von Ebener-Eschenbach

Do you have any more questions about me?

Here you will find some answers to frequently asked questions.

I was lucky enough to still be taught by the old masters, who were always in favour of good all-round training. For this reason, I have experience in dressage and show jumping up to the highest level. I was always well-versed in eventing, riding my horses at competitions up to medium level.

Yes, I have always been happy to extend my feelers beyond the boundaries, to enhance my skills, and to be able to extract from that the best for both me and my horses.

As the horse is a timid animal, as a horse owner and rider it is basically important to be mentally strong, so that the horse can respect you, as the “chief animal”, and you can conduct yourself in a concentrated and appropriate manner in critical situations. Also, when handling dominant horses, I see mental strength as very important for a harmonious relationship. I also consider mental strength to be indispensable for successfully riding at competitions. Success starts in the mind.

To list them all here would certainly exceed the scope of this website. I have undertaken numerous training courses, received various diplomas and certificates, and also, on the other hand, read some books. I still, to this day, take part in continuing education, and seek to exchange opinions with other experts, in order to be able to assist you to the very best of my ability in the coaching context. If you have anything particular in mind, please do get in touch with me!

I have my practice in Lower Saxony (Germany), the part of the country which is well-known for its involvement with horses. I am located in the beautiful park landscape of the Ammerland, in Rastede, directly on the outskirts of Oldenburg. This is an area that is very much focused on horses. You will find many passionate horse breeders here, and even more ambitious riders. You do not have to look for long before you chance upon private stables or a larger riding school. From the casual amateur rider to the Olympic Gold Medallist, all types of equine enthusiasts ride here.

Do you have a tricky goal that you need to bring under control?

So much more is possible when you are ready. Let’s find out how I can assist you with making it to that point. Book your non-binding introductory meeting, free of charge, now! I will give you my time. Then you decide whether my coaching is an option for you to take your riding to the next level.