You are absolutely right if you think that not only your sports capabilities are important in equestrian sport, but also what is going on in the mind. Specifically, when handling the horse, especially when you are riding, you will in particular be distinguished as an accomplished horse enthusiast/rider if you are able to focus and have your emotions and feelings under control. Only then can the rider calmly and precisely guide the horse the proper way, and act appropriately. It is not for nothing that the saying goes: The horse mirrors the rider!

Combine your skills with mental strength, become the horse enthusiast that you would really like to be, and achieve more with your horse! 

I can help you with that! Mental strength can be learnt!
Success starts in the mind.

For you, a coaching course means quite specifically:

There is a special programme tailored to you and your horse, which is tailored to both your personality and your needs, as well as the character of your horse.

In other words, you are not only being viewed as an individual, but as part of a team. The team is YOU and the horse.

The right training is not designed in the same way for everyone, as personal preferences and life circumstances should be taken into account as well.

Together we outline the desired goal. Finally, we derive from the latter the individual steps required, defining how it can be ensured that these are achieved with as much certainty as possible.

Together, we will accomplish your goals!

“A person’s life is what his thoughts make out of it.”

Marc Aurel

If the skills detailed below are what you are looking for, then you have come to the right place:

Would you like to …

Would you like to know how you can leverage your full mental potential, and thus enjoy the valuable time that you spend with your horse to the full???

How does the coaching work?

Here you will find answers to the most important questions relating to mental training or coaching in the field of sports.

In mental sports coaching you learn how you can exploit your ability to perform by 100%, with every challenge, competition or championship, or whenever any critical situations arise with the horse. Whenever you need it, and no matter the conditions. We work on your mental strength, look at your current barriers in this area, and find solutions that work. Solutions which you can actually implement with the horse. You will grow – and even learn to go beyond your limits, whenever necessary. 

As a one-time equestrian sport professional, I enthusiastically accompany ambitious riders on their path to being a top sportsman or woman, as well as any amateur rider who would like to spend his or her time with the horse with great joy for the best possible result. As a former professional rider and horse lover from early childhood on, I know exactly what kind of challenges are in store in the field of equestrian sport – on the one hand caused by the personality of the horse as a being in its own right, on the other hand due to the complex requirements of equestrian sport. The most major challenge is, however, clearly that, in this sport, we are interacting with a living being, who cannot be switched on and off. In the course of my training, it came to light that mental coaches of other forms of sport heartily recommend, in situations of crisis, to pause for a moment, lay down or switch off the sports equipment, regain composure, and then, after a certain period of time, continue, after having regained control. OK! But what shall I do with my horse in a tricky situation when riding in the fields or through a village? Dismount and let the horse run off, so that I can collect myself? That, precisely, is the difference with my coaching. Due to my vast experience with horses, you will learn from me practical solutions that can actually be implemented with the horse. 

It certainly is! It has, in fact, taken somewhat longer than with other types of sport, yet some 15 years ago mental coaches in sports also made their way to the top of equestrian sport. Regrettably, this was seldom communicated in the past, so that coaching is not yet so common among aspiring top riders or amateur ones. For professional riders, such as our Olympic riders, mental preparation belongs to riding as chips belong to fish.

In addition, surveys have been conducted which prove that the riders who have explicitly engaged in mental training are much more confident, can focus in the ideal way, and therefore put in better performance with their horse.

The coaching is for riders and horse enthusiasts and their human environment, i.e. trainers, parents, partners etc. The stronger the mental environment of the rider and the horse, the easier is it to them to reach their goals

Yes, mental training empowers not only the rider, but benefits the horse, too.

Example: A relaxed rider has a greater tendency to be in sync with the horse in a relaxed rhythm, which an over-ambitious or nervous rider can no longer do, due to the excessive physical stress that goes hand in hand with mental stress. This is also detrimental to the biomechanics of the horse, as the horse does in fact carry a rider who is not at ease and does not move in sync with the horse, which, over the course of time, damages the horse’s back and its elasticity, and thus the horse’s well-being. The unpleasant pressure on the back actually affects the psychological well-being of the horse. Imagine if you always had to run around with an uncomfortable stone in your shoe, putting pressure on your foot: this would also put you in a bad mood, leaving you highly sensitive and less efficient, if it went on all the time.

If the rider were to, through mental training, overcome the challenges posed by riding, and thus follow the movements of the horse with greater suppleness, then the horse, too, would benefit from it. And this applies from both a physical and a mental perspective. The rider would consequently have a more contented horse, more willing to achieve. Thus, both the rider and the horse win from mental training.

This is just one example out of many. So that is an overwhelming yes.

As a Mental Coach in the field of sports, I support you along the way in becoming satisfied and successful with your horse. You are at the centre of our collaboration – as a person, as a personality, and as a horse-lover or rider. We will actually do a lot of talking. But not to worry, this is all done in quite a relaxed manner, and you will enjoy it. For we will be speaking about things that can really help you make it to the next level in your life with horses. And this in such a way that you can actually make use of it when riding your horse. Our joint goal is to: Supplement your ability to ride by reinforcing your mental strength.

Our very first coaching session usually starts with a discussion of strategy/strengths (an “as-is analysis”), which lasts for 90 minutes and usually takes place online. This is where we throw light on where you stand, what your goal is, and what your strengths are.

Subsequently, we meet, by arrangement, over a certain period of time, and work on your mental strength. The online meetings have the advantage of being flexible and independent of location. That saves both you and me a lot of time, and we can use every minute in order to support your advancement. Depending on what the topic of the day is, an on-site appointment with the horse may be necessary as well. This may, however, also be replaced by a video call.

That depends upon your personal situation. What goals you have and what challenges you would like to master most. Thus, we might, for example, talk about how you

  • handle being nervous
  • control your emotions.
  • Gain more confidence
  • Recognise mental blocks in the mind and dispel them
  • Minimise pressure to achieve
  • Come to grips with failure
  • Focus during training and at the tournament.

Yes, there is the option of booking workshops or courses as a group. These are opportunities where the members of your riding community can improve their mental strength as regards handling the horse along with you. This often makes for a merry “stable crew”.

What are the next steps?

 Arrange a non-binding, free introductory meeting with me! We will look at the following points together:

Take success into your own hands!

So much more is possible when you are ready. Let’s find out how I can assist you with making it to that point. Book your non-binding introductory meeting, free of charge, now!
I will give you my time. Then you decide whether my coaching is an option for you to take your riding to the next level.